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Human Resource Management

In the past several decades, the human resource profession has evolved to become an integral component of the organization. As the HR department’s role and the value HR brings to the organization continue to change, the way in which HR is staffed should also evolve. The human resource staffing function includes responsibility for recruitment and hiring, compensation and benefits, training and development, legal compliance, discipline, and employment termination. Today’s typical HR department performs duties in three major areas:
Transactional work that is administrative and primarily for the benefit of individuals. Tactical work that is solution-focused and primarily for the benefit of employee workgroups. Strategic work that is long term, links to one or more business goals, involves multiple solutions and benefits specific business units or the entire organization. We ETS offer HR services to small businesses to medium and even large companies which have more than 1000 employees in their organization. While building our HR services program we interviewed more than 10 CEO’s of different companies from different fields and then we scrutinized and narrow down our list to most important requirements of the clients and we came up with the following idea and services we offer to our clients:.

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